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BHAM! Trail 10k 2019

Another Fab Race Report by our roving Reporter, Rach Webber, I was there but haven’t a clue what happened!! But I would like to thank, Bower Hinton Farm, Bakers Farm, Sparrows Yard, SNC Plumbing, Penn Hill Dental, Paul Holbrook Paving, Active Root, Flanci Activewear, Flying Fox Races, Steve at Immortal Sport, the little old ladies that made the tea and all of you awesome BHAM’ily that supported, made cakes, marshalled or helped in any way!!…. right over to Rach!

Well, what a day it was!

The second race that we have hosted and it was bigger and better than last year. Having learnt some lessons and made a few changes, increased the entry numbers and introduced a kids race this was a step up from last year but the same great route and event was enjoyed by many.

Our friends from Flying Fox.. at least Geoff got to sit down!

The day began very early for some, poor Mrs B-F had no hope of enjoying her sleep!! The early volunteers got there in time to co-ordinate parking, registration and set-up and the buzz around the farm was apparent very early as we welcomed our friends from Flanci Pants and Flying Fox Running, including Geoff.

Busy Reception.. 240 people and a hangover!!

As entrants arrived the buzz began to take hold and everyone was looking forward to a pleasant run in the countryside. The weather was kind to us which added to the enjoyment of the day. The event started at 9:30 with the set off of the inaugural BHAM Trail Kids run, a 2k run for the kids and some of their parents to enjoy. The route for the kids took them down the hill and towards the lake, fortunately all children remained on the path and not having a swim with the angry swan. They returned back up the hill and then back down in to the farm for the finish. All the children seemed to enjoy their run with many finishing with a smile on their faces.

Kids Race was a great success!!

Next up, the adults race. Many runners from the local area and further afield took to the start line for the sold out 2nd edition of this race. Starting on the same route as the children the runners headed downhill and towards the lake, from here they headed through the countryside tackling mud, puddles, styles and road crossings for a fairly level 10k run. The Claire Station at mile  was a welcome sight for many runners, with sweets, water and Active Root available, as well as a lot of Claire Love, has to be one of the best 10k aid stations around.

Adults are off and away!!

As the generous people we are, we had provided around a 10% bonus to the route! The last km provided a physical challenge for all, Cripple Hill was the last obstacle to overcome before a nice downhill finish but what an obstacle it was! Even the race winner wasn’t going to attempt to run it!

Told you it was flat!

Many BHAM runners and BHAMbinos took part in both events, and many more provided the much need support before, during and after. Thank you to you all. Most importantly thank you to Neil & Kate B-F & Rob & Nic Bullock for their hard work and dedication to organising the event! It truly was a great event and so much positive feedback.

Oh Oh… Mr Treasurer has found out the Chairman has blown the Haribo budget again!!

Full results

BHAM Results

Overall Number Time Title Firstname Lastname Gender Club Name Place
10 1107 0:49’45″22 Mr Mark King M BHAM! Runners  
12 1007 0:51’13″16 Mr Chris Pinnock M BHAM! Runners  
17 1038 0:52’15″66 Mr Chris Brown M BHAM! Runners  
18 1002 0:52’15″94 Mr Edwin Adams M BHAM Runners  
34 1050 0:57’07″76 Mr Kevin Church M BHAM! Runners  
37 1122 0:57’45″91 Mr Chris McMenaman M BHAM! Runners  
56 1193 1:03’26’94 Mr Marc Webber M BHAM! Runners  
58 1096 1:03’35″19 Mr Phil Hyland M BHAM! Runners  
59 1167 1:03’37″22 Mr Jim Silsby M BHAM Runners  
62 1108 1:04’35″72 Miss Claire Kingston F BHAM! Runners  
64 1147 1:04’49″19 Mr Brendon Purdy M BHAM! Runners  
70 1163 1:06’50″44 Mr Nicholas Sarll M BHAM  
75 1097 1:07’38″72 Mr Gary Irvine M BHAM! Runners  
76 1121 1:07’39″94 Miss Laura MCLEAN F Bham  
78 1105 1:07’43″79 Mr Shaun Kent M BHAM  
79 1083 1:07’44″29 Miss Nicola Hayes F Bham  
93 1148 1:09’49″62 Mrs Catherine Rands F BHAM! Runners  
101 1100 1:11’17″22 Mr Brian Jennings M BHAM! Runners  
111 1037 1:13’38″51 Mr Dan Brown M BHAM! Runners  
124 1139 1:15’56″44 Mrs Christabel Pates F Bham runners  
125 1114 1:16’01″51 Mrs Liz Matthews F BHAM! Runners  
135 1199 1:18’14″94 Miss Hayley Wright F BHAM Runners  
151 1048 1:22’26″69 Mr Andrew Chapman M BHAM! Runners  
152 1101 1:22’31″29 Mr Amanda Jones F BHAM! Runners  
153 1099 1:22’31″69 Mrs Alison Jeffery F BHAM! Runners  
154 1019 1:22’39″16 Mrs Jayne Baynton F BHAM! Runners  
171 1058 1:31’09″94 Mrs Eleanor Damon F BHAM! Runners  
177 1044 1:40’05″22 Mrs Rebecca Burton F BHAM! Runners  
184 1053 1:48’09″22 Miss Laura Costigan F BHAM! Runners Tail Runner
185 1040 1:48’09″69 Mrs Nicola Bullock F BHAM! Runners Tail Runner
199 1041 LEAD Mr Rob Bullock M BHAM! Runners LEAD

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