Haldon Night 5k

Another weekend and another headtorch equipped trail run, this time in Haldon Forest, just outside Exeter.

Haldon is a great place for a race, tons of parking, well maintained trails that are tough enough to make you work, but not to hard or technical to put off newbies.

The weather was pretty shocking, with plenty of rain and a real cold wind, and hiding in the car waiting for the start was the best place to be!

Race Numbers and chips was all pretty organised, with numbers, chip, pins in an envelope, you just had to work out the krypton factor challenge on the Velcro chip straps!

4199AE00-D750-4E39-A977-F9BFE5E87C97BHAM! turnout was Nic, Rob, Jas and Jake, Mel, Chicky, Xavier, Kate and me (Neil).

Once the race brief was done, and a few minutes delay (hurry up it’s cold) we were off, the route was pretty nice, wide path tracks and trails, all well maintained for mountain bikers and the normal Haldon foot traffic, there was a few nice hills to get the heart rate going, and a couple of slippy descents on the wet leaves. We mostly seemed to be following the Raptor trail, but I wasn’t really paying that much attention… and running in the rain with headtorches is like going into hyper speed in Star Wars!

So 4.9k later (grrrr!) we crossed the line, collected our…er.. unusual medals, and dived back in the cars.


Well done to everyone that ran, looking forward to our next night race, which is Run from the Romans, on Ham Hill.


27 Xavier Brannagan-Fuller BHAM! Runners  237 28m 26s
52 Jake Bullock BHAM! Runners 241 31m 4s
53 Jasmine Bullock BHAM! Runners 242 31m 13s
54 Nic Bullock BHAM! Runners 243 31m 17s
55 Rob Bullock BHAM! Runners 244 31m 21s
74 Mel Silsby BHAM! Runners 312 32m 59s
75 Claire Fisher BHAM! Runners 258 33m 3s
116 Kate Brannagan-Fuller BHAM! Runners 235 43m 15s
117 Neil Brannagan-Fuller BHAM! Runners 236 43m 20s

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