The 24th Stickler

The Stickler is a tough old race, 10.1 miles of rolling Dorset countryside… and we know in Dorset … rolling means bloody hilly!

Despite the extra hour in bed for Autumn, it was a cold and windy start in Shillingstone, with over 560 Runners huddled up in the starting field, including Jess and Marc Purdy, Mark King and myself (Neil).

After the jostle over the start line, and losing a good few minutes getting away were off over the familiar route, up the mighty Stickle path, around the torch, and onwards up and down hills. There are some hard slogs on the route, Hod Hill just keeps going, and the final Hill just saps everything… but then a great run in to the finish on Shillingstone Historic train station.

Photos stolen from Marc 

Yes it’s tough, but the views are awesome, and it’s a friendly well organised race! 25th Year should be a cracker!


71 Mark King  1:21:32
404 Jess Purdy 1:52:59
407 Marc Purdy 1:53:05
456 Neil Brannagan- Fuller 2:00:17

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