BHAM in NAM – HCMC Skyrun

Those of you who hadn’t realise, one of our members Ali, has quite quickly headed off to Vietnam to work for a couple of years! That’s not going to stop her racing in BHAM Colours, here’s her first blog from the HCMC Skyrun!

So lazy bones whilst you’ve enjoyed your extra hour sleep 😴BHAM in Nam has participated in first of hopefully many runs 🏃‍♀️

I checked this out before arriving a week ago but didn’t book in case dates changed….. registration closed when I got here 👎 I contacted organisers and they said late places were available ✅

So the run 🏃‍♀️ was 52 floors of Bixetco tower.. with finish on the sky deck. – weather dependant, 1076 steps n 190 m up ! And I had foolishly assumed stairwells air conditioned …. WRONG!
We had to collect race bibs/ bags day before. ( slightly tedious) There was team and age group challenges and fun run 🏃‍♀️. Organisation excellent , good spectator attendance. Free isotonic drinks / massages pre and post run.
Start time was your race number so I was in 9.45 group . Start outside building, you run in and enter stairwell…. needless to say most people set off toooooo fast! By floor 6 I as others realised the error of our ways…

Each floor had a Marshall – cheering and high fiving. At floor 21 you exited stairwell n did lap of floor where photographer and water 💦 station were situated.
The thirty floors were hell and Strava heart rate shows – danger of death 💀 zone ….. but 40-52 eased .
At top again exited stairwell and ran to finish line and medal 🏅,

You were then ushered ( probs tooo quickly to amazing skydeck for official photo) a short breather would have been good. Then exited sky deck external to internal area bar/ chill area n truly astonishing views. You could languish as long as you wanted.

Back at base finishers still coming in.
Fastest peeps ridiculously did 6/7 mins….
Me ….. slower but that wasn’t the point.
Bling and t shirt $20 entry plus flight ✈️…..

Summary- bloody brilliant ! Come n join me next year Bhammers!!!

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