On a dark dark night in a dark dark wood..

Our friends at Flying Fox Running pick some great locations for races, and Saturday nights Dark Woods Race, situated in the Great Woods, deep in the Quantocks this was looking to be no different,

After managing to get one of the parking spaces a fairly near to race HQ, we quickly grabbed our race numbers and met up with the other BHAM! Runners in attendance, myself (Neil), Kate, Xavier and Anthea in the short race (6km) and Marc and Jess with big Jon tail running in the long (8.5m) and waited for the sun to go down and the moon to fill out.


Not long after the promised start time, the long Runners set off in a flurry of head torches, fancy dress and fairy lights, 15 minutes later the short routers set off down the same track, after a nice bit of gentle downhill to start with for about a km, the ‘pleasure’ really began and the climbing was upon us… and climb we did for the best part of the next 3km, we went up, up a bit more and then up again, deeper and deeper into the woods and higher and higher, with just the glimmer of head torches ahead of us and behind, with the only relief being the well-stocked aid station just before the final climb!

But once you were up it was well worth it, it was dark, the woods surrounded us and the moon was glinting in the tree tops, once we got our breaths back it was a chance to enjoy the next 2km of downhill, a mix of wide tracks, narrow descents and switch backs sent us back into the car park and the race to the finish line… well at least for those sensible enough to only do the 6k, the 8..5m race went off for another loop and some more climbing!!


Our reward: burning legs, blowing lungs and a fabulous medal what more do you need on a Saturday night! Looking forward to the next Flying Fox Race, Run From the Romans II  on the 24th November, Ham Hill!


8.5 Mile
57 Marc Purdy BHAM! Runners 8077 01:36:53 M
58 Jessica Purdy BHAM! Runners 8076 01:36:54 F
TAIL RUNNER Jon Forsyth BHAM! Runners N/A  N/A  M
17 Xavier Brannagan-Fuller BHAM! Runners 6064 00:43:28 M
27 Anthea Cox BHAM! Runners 6048 00:44:44 F
100 Kate Brannagan-Fuller BHAM! Runners 6063 00:59:52 F
101 Neil Brannagan-Fuller BHAM! Runners 6062 00:59:53 M

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