Shiver me timbers..

last report from last weekend, thanks to first mate Nikki C for spilling the bounty on this one ☠️

Aargh….Ahoy! Avast ye, so last Sunday myself and my fellow buccaneers set sail for the pieces of eight run organised by “believe and achieve” having already ran the Portsmouth coastal half organised by them earlier in the year we knew there was some great treasure on offer!

EE9EA967-CFCD-460E-8510-08C482695F38Starting at the RNLI Portsmouth lifeboat station the route was an out and back along Southsea promenade, incorporating a 10k option. After arriving early we somehow ended up getting to the start with only minutes to spare ( that’s what happens when you are waiting for your landlubber mateys to arrive 🙄). We quickly got the sails up and Lillia was happily taking charge from the look out stand and I swear she was telling us to “heave ho”! This was a fast flat race but soon found ourselves fighting against that “wonderful” sea breeze that Southsea is famous for! Having hoped to captain the ship for the duration I soon found the wind quite a challenge so had some assistance from the old salt!

The promenade was still open to the public so on the return leg was slightly harder to negotiate with more and more dog walkers, scooters, Sunday runners, cyclists and tourist appearing on the course and unfortunately coming in the home stretch was an open road with a lot of traffic which did cause us to go off course slightly. Despite that the support and encouragement on course was amazing. Deffo one for the calendar if you fancy a great bit of bling, don’t want to pay a huge amount and want an alternative to the GSR (or a training run for it)


Fancy dress was very much encouraged and we enjoyed the attention we got as the “pirate family”. Aarghhhhhh

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