BMF2018 Part 3 – the Half

Final BMF review, this time the half marathon, thanks to JD for the write up!

So last weekend some of us Bhammers took on the Bournemouth Half.

A special mention must go to The organisers for setting up a fabulous weekend of running which meant that virtually all could take part.Some of us travelled down on the Friday some on Saturday with the rest of us choosing to get up at silly o clock Sunday morning to be at the start for 08:00. Once parked we met each other on what was a chilly morning but luckily Spencer had advised me to bring something to keep warm before we started. On arrival Spencer was only wearing a vest so yes my top did come in handy to keep him warm!

Spencer stole my jumper!

We started in various coloured pens for an interesting and challenging route zig zagging us too and frow along the beautiful Dorset coastline. At various points runners doubled back on each other and it was great to hear all the BHAM family encouraging each other along x .

I’m Rachel and so’s my wife!

A big well done to all the guys who were quite anxious in the week leading up to Sunday thinking that they’d not prepared as well as they would have liked or were hampered by injury some of them even ran PBS. It was great to see everybody finish safe and well apart from a few running related niggles and well done to Ant For sacrificing a PB so that he could feed the seagulls along the sea front ?



Also thank you Rachel, Holly and Wilf for your tremendous support and photographs even on that last corner I couldn’t see you but I could definitely hear you !

As I always say you are all PB (Personally Brilliant )

Half Marathon Results

285 Mark King (21059) 1h 33m 54s

Gun Time:1h 35m 12s

510 Anthony Welch (21103) 1h 39m 45s

Gun Time:1h 41m 2s

951 Mark Webber (23308) 1h 47m 36s

Gun Time:1h 50m 49s

1067 John Dabinett (23162) 1h 49m 30s

Gun Time:1h 52m 43s

1266 Spencer Chapman (21859) 1h 52m 18s

Gun Time:1h 53m 36s

2414 Daniel Brown (25508) 2h 7m 29s

Gun Time:2h 13m 52s

3024 Mark Wyatt (25894) 2h 17m 56s

Gun Time:2h 24m 18s

3101 Claire Bragg (26447) 2h 19m 48s

Gun Time:2h 26m 7s

3259 Shelly Romans (26140) 2h 23m 38s

Gun Time:2h 29m 57s

3361 Charmaine White (25866) 2h 26m 33s

Gun Time:2h 33m 12s

3363 Jennie Whiting (26156) 2h 26m 35s

Gun Time:2h 33m 14s

3484 Isobel Bragg (26448) 2h 30m 31s

Gun Time:2h 36m 51s

3836 Amanda Howard (27732) 2h 57m 15s

Gun Time:3h 6m 37s



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