BMF2018 part 2 – kids and 10k

Another instalment from last weeks Bournemouth Marathon Festival.. this race report thanks to Rach Webber!

The weekend started on Saturday with some of the smallest Bhammers, first of all Wilfred took part in the Kids Kilometre Race, tackling the rain to finish 25th out of 285 little ones! Next up and with the rain not letting up Holly stepped on to the start line for the 2k race, a step up this year due to age but once again Holly showed us how to run and have fun, finishing in style!!

Wilf smashing the 1.5km
Holly owning the finish,

The afternoon continued and fortunately the rain had stopped, but with the lack of sun and already being wet it was cold on the seafront. At 16:00 the 10k started, with 2300 people heading along the seafront towards Boscombe and back. The conditions were not too bad all though some wind made it tough at points along the way. Some strong running by all the bhammers gave some PBs and fantastic performances.



The evening finished in Bournemouth finished with a light-filled 5k, with torches and glow sticks once again heading along the seafront. No BHAM! runners were involved in this, but it makes for a great spectacle and a lot of fun.

10k Results

433 Rach Webber 50m 3s
733 Catherine Rands 55m 22s
841 Fergus Lloyds 56m 30s
1146 Donna Westlake 59m 49s
1446 Mark Lloyds 1h 3m 28s
1451 Kirstie Lloyds 1h 3m 30s
1453 Claire Fisher 1h 3m 31s

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