Oh we do like to be beside the seaside’. bmf2018.

The first of our post race reviews from the members who ran Bournemouth last weekend … this one from Kev who along with Sharon took on the marathon!

Big BHAM!! Presence over the bmf weekend with just about every race covered.

I’ve chipped in to talk about Sunday’s Marathon though as hopefully the efforts of the 10K’ers and Half Marathoners will be shouted from the rooftops by other BHAM!! Bloggers.

Didn’t get to catch up with all of you but I’ve heard stories of pb’s all over the place! Top job all!

Mine and Mrs C’s day started in a Hotel room overlooking the pier at early o’clock forcing some ready oats, bagels and Active Root down our guts whilst trying not to wake Our Daughter up.

Once kitted up we knocked up Mr Webber as we were giving him a lift to the start for he was taking on the Half Marathon which kicked off at 08:00.

Once there and parked up we sought out the other BHAM’ers who were doing the half and wished them luck.

Once they had gone there is a pleasant ‘no man’s land’ between races where you can p** and p** in peace and without queuing! And then get a coffee and a sit down in the cafe.

The Marathon kicked off at 10:00 and Shaz and I started in different pens.

Patchy training for this distance due to various reasons had made us question whether we should actually be starting a marathon so we had agreed to take it easy and aim to just finish it.

Couple that with our previous day’s ‘carb loading’ (Guinness, Italian food and a bottle of wine…each!) and it was looking like it might end up being a very long 26.2.

Long story short (I can hear you yawning) the conditions were near perfect, the support as usual was spot-on, the marshalling was top class and the route varied and scenic.

I surprised myself with a 04:12 and stayed in one piece but I take my Buff off to my good lady Wife who ran the whole lot in 05:17 which equates to a whole hour off her PB!!!

This was my third Bournemouth Marathon and I doubt I will return next year in favour of a different challenge but I would recommend the weekend to any runner as it is just amazing…x

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