Salisbury Half Marathon

Salisbury Half Marathon race review by Rob Gundry, with added photos of Ellie and our fab BHAM! Marshalls Laura and Brian, and tail runner Jon.

With Ironman 70.3 Weymouth now done and dusted. I felt ready to take on my last race of the year at the Salisbury Half Marathon from Immortal Sport.

Having done this race twice before I was eager to beat my Pb for this course of 1:37:21. My best half marathon time was set at this years Yeovil half. 1:34:17. So part of me wanted to beat that one as the route is flat and fast. But I personally fine these course for this distance harder or my legs prefer the hiller routes !!.

On the start line I was felling fresh and relaxed and pleased that I didn’t have to go in the sea for this race. My aim was to do the first 3 miles slow and then get faster and hit slightly faster than goal pace. I didn’t look at my watch till mile 2 and despite the pace feeling too easy I was shocked to find that I was ahead of pace. I backed off the gas a bit by mile 3.  I was still feeling good when I hit mile 5 as we made the way back into Salisbury. I hit 10k pretty much on goal pace, my aim now was to keep this pace for as long as I could but I stared to feel fatigue build up and after mile 8 which I hit 56 mins !! I ditched the plan to beat Yeovil, I said I have to beat last years time which the avg was 7:26 per mile. By mile 10 I was on 7:12 a mile, I knew it would be very close to 1:34, despite my intention to get a pb all I could do was to keep going and see if I could do it. Once I made the left turn and headed to the cathedral area I glanced at my watch and felt that I could just about make it. I ran as hard as I could but I didn’t feel I could hold this for the final bit around the grass. I made the turn on to the grass, saw Brian marshalling, thanked him and made my way around the seeming never ending grass section. I wasn’t looking at the watch, I just couldn’t get any speed out of my legs with 100m to go. I hit the finish n 1:35:48 a course PB. I was happy with this.



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