Shepton Beauchamp 10k

Race Report thanks to Nikki C

So the 9th September saw the return of the Shepton Beauchamp 10k after a years sabbatical. They swapped mementos for medals (and cake the size of your face) and the rain/mud for a mini September heat wave!

The multi-terrain course is not for the faint hearted, after being a lured into a false sense of security with a nice downhill road section you soon pick up the trail heading towards the beautiful Barrington Court – I think a few National Trust visitors hadn’t quite realised they would be spectators whilst indulging in their cream teas!! After the dry, hot summer the trail elements were unforgiving being very hard and rutty underfoot. Much care was required!

Around 4 miles you re-emerge in the road and on the first notable uphill section heading back towards the village, once it flattened off we turned into another nice downhill stretch to get you prepared for “that hill” prior to the finish.

Luckily a few people had done the recce run so had informed me of the reroute otherwise I would not have been happy when reaching the top of the hill only to be told to keep going rather than turning left! The reroute wasn’t too torturous and soon the finish line was in sight!

A great turnout of BHAMers with our winter runner Tommy Brister coming in as fastest Shepton Beauchamp Male in 46:17.

A well organised race, with plenty of cider, ice cream, cake and burgers!

Overall Time Race Number Name Gender
5 46m 17s 6 Tom Brister M
36 1:00:02 30 Spencer Chapman M
38 1:00:16 62 Shaun Walker M
41 1:01:18 63 Jason Ball M
43 1:01:51 26 Jessica Purdy F
44 1:01:52 27 Marc Purdy M
45 1:01:54 60 Mark Wyatt M
50 1:04:50 44 Rosie Calder F
52 1:06:20 61 Tara House F
57 1:10:23 38 Caroly Ayton F
58 1:10:49 11 Roxanne Pratt F
59 1:11:37 49 Isabel Marks F
60 1:12:08 10 Tracey Osmond F
61 1:12:50 46 Jennie Whiting F
65 1:15:09 39 Ali Collier F
66 1:15:10 23 Nikki Channon F

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