JD & Nic go Ultra!

As if a Marathon isn’t enough, JD and Nicky H decide the Ham Hill to Lyme Regis Ultra seems like a good idea…

Race ramblings and reflections by by JD

31 March… Hey John do you fancy running Ham to Lyme ultra with me? In a flash(I’ll never learn!) Yes when? Let’s sign up….

7th July Nic and I are stood on Ham Hill waiting to run 30 miles ? 09:30 Nic and I are off the Trails eventually lead us to Misterton for the first Aid Station stop filled with coke(not the white stuff) we are off again running towards Henley where we pass fields that dad and I use to go mushrooming in we pass the woods which I use to call home (I think about Mum and Dad) we run towards Clapton Farm (Eventually) Entering the yard I remember as a young boy being chased by the Geese when I lived in Clapton(I think about mum and dad)


Camel Packs refilled we make our way towards Winsham via Wayford Woods where my sister and I use to play as kids (I think about mum and dad) 3rd Aid Station is at Winsham Church Peanuts (they were great) more coke oranges consumed we are on our way I tell Nic this is where the countryside starts to get stunning.

Making our way to wards Thornecombe I’m thinking nearly half way Get to Lamberts castle and it’s all down hill . We start hitting hills then more hills come on half way there Nicola trying to Gee me up tells me we’ve only got to run another Half Marathon! (I do like your sense of Humour Nicola Hayes?)we climb for me what seems like a week to the next Aid Station At Lamberts Castle.


Somebody asks the Question How much further? Reply only about 10 miles (Great) Nic leads me (Like she has done for the whole run) up another yes another hill (Claire Bragg you’d love it! ) we get to top of Lamberts castle and I’ve never been so excited to see flat ground in all my life! We also see the sea we break into a run (No a slow jog in my case) My spirits are lifted all downhill to the sea (Yep you’ve guessed it Wrong again!)

We hit the last Aid Station more peanuts more coke we set off Nic asks shall we run? I reply NO! At around mile 26 luckily my Garmin died and not me ? And this is when I had to think about a friend who tragically died and is the reason I’m running again Bless x.

Nic gives me more comfort and tells me its a mere park run left (If Lyme do a park run don’t go there!) We see a sign Lyme Regis 1 Mile great ( 1 lap around the rec) (we run for what seems like 5 laps around the rec) we see a sign Lyme Regis 1 Mile WTF ? I’m very tempted to come out with some Jennie Whiting comments ? Pull yourself together JD I tell myself grown men don’t cry (or I could make out I’m thinking about mum and dad again)

We press on actually passing members of the public so we must nearly be there. I recognise where we are and I can smell the finish line The two guys we’ve been following for the last 5 miles take a right turn which I know is a longer route to the finishing line but Nic insists on following them! (Bloody Woman )we enter the car park with clock tower bottom of Lyme and aim for the finish I actually get a spurt on (crikey I can still run) and for the first time in 30 miles I’m in front of Nic and Bless her heart she lets the old git cross the line before her. Nicola Hayes You dragged me through that last 12 miles Thank You!


1 comment on “JD & Nic go Ultra!

  1. Nicola Hayes

    The best race report I’ve ever read. My honour to run with you JD – you’re a true hero


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