Getting Jurassic

Race Report by Claire “Chicky” Fisher

We set off from south petherton in the glorious sunshine – shorts, vests and shades on. No need for hoodies we said , such a beautiful day ! Oh how that came back to haunt us !

As we arrived at race HQ we could see we’d made a bad decision regarding the hoodies ! You could barely see the HQ through the fog ! And people everywhere in sensible warm clothing 🙈 we braved the elements and shivered our way over to collect our race numbers explaining to everyone that it really was sunny when we’d left home !!

At 11.01 it was time to set off !! The start was very start stop but it didn’t take too long to filter out , heading across the golf course and down into freshwater holiday park ‘ this was probably the nicest part of the route – flat and we got a good pace going , quick stop for water and a couple of sneaky jelly beans before heading up onto the cliff tops – those were tough !! I soon became smug that I’d decided to run in vest and shorts as that was seriously hot work !!

It was across the cliffs from freshwater to west bay and down onto the beach turning right back up to race HQ ( witnessed quite a few bum sliders on the downward !! Not mentioning any names)

At the finish line it was obvious that we all found those cliffs pretty tough ! Glad we did it but probably wouldn’t rush back to do it again !!

All in all a great morning out we collected a fab medal and rounded of with an ice cream !! We’d certainly earned it climbing those cliffs !!



Hayley Wright – 42:03

Arron Guppy – 42:05

Claire Fisher – 43:20

Jennie Whiting – 43:20

Ellie Romans – 43:56

Shelly Romans – 44:51

Mel Silsby – 47:24



Phil Hyland – 02:07:40


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