Beware the Ooser!

There are always new races to try, but when the Dorset Ooser appeared in my timeline, I knew it was a race I had to do. Badger Trail Events, is the new Dorset based events company set up by the infamous route master Kevin Day and his wife and ultra-runner Denise.

Although not new to events by any stretch of the imagination, this is the first under the Badger Trail Banner, the pre-race photos of the route on Facebook and Instagram only heightened the excitement for the race.

For anyone that doesn’t know what an Ooser is… it’s a Dorset based mythical creature, it’s in the Dorchester museum and everything, think bogey man and an ogre mash up!

With a fairly small start lineup (by design.. 150 in the half and 100 in the full being sold) it was just Rob Bullock (standing in for a sickly Adam) and myself lining up for BHAM! In the half, and Mike Norton (in Langport Colours) in the full.

After a pretty lengthy walk from the car park up to the gorgeous old barn that was the race HQ, grabbing race numbers and catching up with the Upton Park Event Director that Rob had met the day before, a crowd supported Race Director brief from Denise, the half was off…. uphill start.. yeah thanks for that Kev!

And off we went, up hill, downhill, through amazing woodlands, across road bridges, through mud, through a field of water.. knee deep for me, waist deep for others! Across some roads, had a man up from Steve Small, up some more hills, more woodland and through some more mud and up some more hills. The sun worked hard to peer out from behind the crowd, and two aid stations kept us topped up on jelly babies and chocolate.

After a tough (especially for me.. I struggled) 2hr 45min’ish and 22k’ish we came bounding/staggering back down the hill and across the line, finishing slap bang in the middle of the pack in 90 & 91 place out of 145, getting our medals from Nikkii and then lining up for a nice cup of tea and some amazing cakes (sorry Marathon Runners… Rob really liked them!)

Well done to Mike for bringing it home in the Marathon in a time of 5:41, great work out there. All in all a great inaugural race from Denise and Kev, a bargain price of just £13.10 for the HM and £26.20 for the full, great medal, friendly atmosphere, chilled vibe and great route… oh and cupless, no plastic cups or paper anything on route, carry your own bottles or foldable cup and fill from a jug, a great way to keep waste down to a minimum, and on that note.. great to see no litter on course, no gel wrappers or anything, keeping the trails great!

Thanks to Kev, Denise and all the volunteers, Marshall’s and helpers, and really looking forward to the next one, we may even make it a club championship event for 2019…..




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