2018 Yeovil Half Mara-Done!

Wow.. where do we start with this blog! 58 BHAM! Runners took part in this years Yeovil Half Marathon, and just to put that in perspective that is over half of the club taking part, we were also the second largest club in attendance, with only Yeovil Town RRC having more runners than us, this in itself is just mind blowing!

Needless to say, I’m a super proud chairman, and I am so impressed and delighted by all your results and how you represented yourselves and our wonderful club!

I’m not going to go into a blow by blow account, except to say, organisation from Immortal Sports was spot on, support through Montacute, and Yeovil itself was brilliant, and the camaraderie and support from all of our Club runners, friends and family was outstanding… oh and we totally took over the Western Gazette!!

Well done to those that raised a ton of cash for charity, An extra special thank you to Susan & Gary for the use of Penn Hill Dentists as a Club meeting point, and tea & cake room, and to our unpaid official Club Photographer Derek McCoy, who’s photos make us all look awesome again !!

Congratulations and well done to everyone that ran, I know many of you have already booked for 2019 and our Sunday training mornings will be back in January for all those that would like to join.

Some additional stats.. at least 16 members completed their first HM’s and over 16 posted new HM PB’s, Kev Burton completed his 8th out of 8th YHM, and Kev Church finished a solid pacing run, bringing the two hour crowd in 30 seconds under the magic figure!


Tobs Ward 01:29:24
Anthony Welch 01:36:22
Mark Romans 01:38:16
Tom Brister 01:38:28
Tom Rowe 01:40:47
Craig Dabinett 01:43:57
Edwin Adams 01:44:20
Kev Burton 01:47:15
Will Irvine 01:48:16
Cliff Dunston 01:49:07
Gary Irvine 01:51:47
Andrew Short 01:51:53
John Dabinett 01:51:20
Rebecca Rowe 01:52:37 *2nd Claim Running for Time
Adam Hulbert 01:53:48
Emma Dunn 01:53:53
Rach Webber 01:54:32
Ro Ward 01:54:33
Michael Norton 01:54:39 *2nd Claim Langport
Jason England 01:56:33
Samantha Pratt 01:57:57 *2nd Claim Chard Hash Harriers
Marc Webber 01:58:04
Georgia Coward 01:58:51
Kev Church 01:59:33
Spencer Chapman 01:59:42
Kate Coward 02:06:58
Nicola Bullock 02:07:09
Neil Brannagan-Fuller 02:07:16
Shaun Walker 02:08:30
Steve Small 02:09:10 *2nd Claim Langport
Sharon Church 02:12:56
Jenni Green 02:13:27
Laura Costigan 02:13:27
Nicky Deady 02:14:28
Brian Jennings 02:16:32
Louisa Irvine 02:17:00
Claire Bragg 02:17:08
Will Gibson 02:19:01
Tara House 02:21:01
Lisa Eland 02:22:04
Ruby Rowe 02:23:28
Jo Clarke 02:23:43
Ali Jeffery 02:25:06
Jennie Whiting 02:25:06
Mark Wyatt 02:25:10
Susan Irvine 02:31:53
Nicky Partridge 02:33:03
Gareth Partridge 02:33:04
Roxanne Pratt 02:33:06 *2nd Claim Langport
Shelly Romans 02:34:08
Ali Collier 02:39:16
Nikki Channon 02:40:05
Tracey Osmond 02:43:33 *2nd Claim Langport
Ellie Damon 02:48:35
Lisa Morris 02:49:50
Sharon England 02:49:53
Karen Jenning 03:00:21
Nichola Hayes DNF

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