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Race Sponsors – Orchard Pig Cider

Nothing says Somerset like a nice cold Cider, Orchard Pig have provided us prizes for the category winners.

First spotted in Somerset, Orchard Pig’s charm is now legendary!  What started as a hobby has now exploded into a well-known brand. It all began in the noughties, just outside Glastonbury… when Andrew and Neil were devouring their home-made cider and a hog roast with friends, they discovered that apples from West Bradley Orchards make the best tasting cider.
Following this happy discovery Orchard Pig was born out of a shared thirst for great cider, great food and Gloucester Old Spots, the original Orchard Pigs…
Old Spots are traditionally called orchard pigs because they roam around orchards greedily munching on windfall apples, and legend has it that their spots are actually bruises caused by falling apples.

Orchard Pig may have their roots firmed fixed in Somerset but their horizons stretch well beyond the county border. Keen to disrupt the traditional cider market ,and stamp their own unique take on it, they’re bold, tinged with a spot of mischief and all about the cider…

Orchard Pig cider is bursting with West Country bittersweet cider apples expertly crafted to a special blend and slowly matured for a great taste with real character… and a ‘More apples, less bubbles’ approach sets orchard Pig aside from large brand competitors.

The Orchard Pig range varies from exotic blends such as Ginger and Chilli to the almighty Hogfather, which at 7.4% is not one for the faint hearted!

A huge thanks to Orchard Pig for donating the category winners prizes…I’m sure the winners will enjoy them!

To find out more:

Tel:  01458 851222

Email:  www.orchardpig,


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