The Dirty Devils

Race Report by Jennie W

The Dirty Devil Stampede, an event held over the army’s vehicle testing tracks at Bovington Camp, in January …. what could possibly be so bad about that …. well actually, nothing.

We were told to expect it to be dirty, gritty and interesting. We would encounter trails, hills, mud, sand and a lot of water, a scramble net and the knife edge and that’s exactly what 12 of us crazy BHAM! Runners did, along with 4 of our fellow Langport / BHAM! Runners, on a VERY wet Sunday morning. Unfortunately 2 of our BHAM! Runners were injured and had to withdraw before the day but don’t worry, next year ladies, you’ll be with us !

As we turned up we were greeted by the sight of the knife edge …. for me that is when the nerves set in. After a lot of hanging around, sat in our vehicles trying to stay dry for that little bit longer, it was nearly race time. Cliff had driven all the way down before he realised his trainers were still at home so he had to run in his work boots.

We congregated for a team photo then made our way across for the race briefing. Brian started with his usual ‘let’s get Jennie wet’ stupidness, jumping in every puddle and almost doing himself an injury by slipping before we even made the start line.

Then we were off, round the first corner and there it was, our first ‘puddle’, which in fact turned out to be thigh high and freezing !! We all made it through but that’s when we got split up. Luckily a few of the men hung around and waited for me and got me round the course …. twice.

We ran through woods, up and down very slippery tracks, we ran / waded through many more thigh high ‘puddles’ and we ran across open ground which was just a wet, slippery sea of mud, sand and grit …. everything they had advertised really …. and just before the end we encountered the scramble net. Luckily as I was with the men they helped me, Steve in front, Mark behind and under we went …. I don’t think Mark was expecting us to stop so abruptly on the second lap though and his head had a very soft landing …. right on my butt !!

All in all the Dirty Devil Stampede was BRILLIANT, we all had so much fun …. even Rachel who HATES mud. I am pretty sure we will all be signing up for next year and hopefully we’ll be able to convince some more BHAM!ers to join us.

photos from Kim and Brian


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