Ninesprings at Night

Flying Fox Running are the new kids in town, and their inaugural race took place on the 21st October. Ninesprings by Night does exactly what it says on the tin. 5 or 10k around Ninesprings National Park in the Dark. So here’s the lowdown –

Ninesprings is a great place to race, with plenty of parking at Goldenstones, right next to race HQ in the Cafe. Even though we got there pretty early there were lots of people already hanging around, headtorches, neon and lightstick adorned.

The race brief started a little bit late, due to some of the local Yeovil chavs messing up the signage and unfortunately was mainly inaudible due to megaphone issues, nevermind… we never pay attention to them anyway !!

After a bit of a hike down towards B&M and a regroup, we set off along the main Ninesprings path, past Goldenstones and down to the playpark, before heading up the track into the depths of the country park. Climbing up towards the springs and around the single track and paths, heading back down the paths and back along the footpath before heading back up hill by Goldenstone, climbing again all the way up to the highest part of the park and looping to come back down the main tarmac hill path back to the finishing funnel for the 5k’ers….and back around again for the 10k crowd.

All in all a great race, loads of fun running in headtorches, with a few minor teething problems that we are sure will be sorted by the next race at the end of November… Run from the Romans, another nighttime race, this time on Ham Hill, and 5 or 10 miles.

visit flying fox online HERE and get booked up!

Full Results from all the BHAM! Runner’s below-

5km Results
Jake Bullock 0:40:07
Xavier Brannagan-F. 0:40:08
Johanna Clark 0:41:31
Claire Fisher 0:45:48
Suzanne Card 0:46:01
Nicky Partridge 0:46:02
Melanie Silsby 0:46:12

10k Results
Rowena Ward 1:03:35
Tobs Ward 1:03:36
Steve Small 1:04:59
Brian Jennings 1:10:28
Adam Hulbert 1:10:31
Neil Brannagan-Fuller 1:12:07
Nicola Bullock 1:14:07
Rob Bullock 1:14:07
Spencer Chapman 1:14:08
Rachel Webber 1:14:50
Marc Webber 1:14:51
Simon Burke 1:16:10

sorry about the lack of photos…it was dark!


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