Bournemouth Marafun Festival

Lots of the BHAM! Runners headed to Bournemouth for BMF2017, including nine in the half Marathon. Thanks to Claire Bragg who wrote up the following race report:-

I emailed BHAM back just before Christmas as I wanted to try to get a bit fitter. My reply was if I thought I could do 5k comfortably come along (a c25k having just finished). Got out once or twice but wasn’t convinced I could go that far but went along anyway! Little did I know that by the end of the summer they’d be telling me that I could run 13.1miles…..(I didn’t believe them).

Four of us set of on a nice Saturday afternoon to drive to Bournemouth, we had a walk on the beach and saw the finish line, we drove to find where the start would be. Well this took longer than I expected because it was a long way away from the end! At this point I’m starting to realise that actually 13.1 miles is a really really long way, not just a long way.

We then made our way to our accommodation for the night. So I find myself in a fancy flat in Poole with 3 other ladies, this could have been a nice girly weekend but no…. we were here to race. That said we went for a walk and got a Chinese takeaway and a bottle of wine, making a pleasant evening of denial of the morning to follow. Then before we knew it alarms were beeping at silly o’clock on a Sunday morning. Lots of healthy porridge type breakfasts eaten, race clothes on and in the car. As we are leaving the car park another mad fool also appears to be up and in running gear, he shouts good luck as we all head off.

We arrive in plenty of time and immediately bump into a couple of other BHAM runners (no missing those tops in a crowd). Struggle to work out how to pay for the parking and walk towards the start and walk towards the start and walk towards the start……..

Eventually with bags left in a lorry and then we que for the toilets which goes on longer than the walk to the start! There are now a number of BHAMmers jiggling around. Before everyone can get through the toilet que some are off and in their pens. (Ant in yellow, most in orange and a couple  in blue). As Lisa and I walk towards blue the start goes off! Quickly the orange pen leaves and then it’s us in the blue pen.

At this point I realise I really am going to have to run this, no going back. The threat is if the slow bus catches the people at the back you have to get on it, so with one eye behind hoping we’re not caught by the bus of shame we head off. Up Hill…they told me it was a flat run!  The course zig zags a fair bit and on occasions we catch sight of another of the BHAM runner going the other way, a quick wave and a shout and they’re gone. And we keep running. I know we have to run up and down two piers so when the first one comes into sight and people are running it I was pleased to see it. But then the path veers off! We were warned that there was a small steep hill in the middle, well here it is at last an excuse to walk a bit.

Up the hill we go then along we get to a sharp corner and there in the distance is the first pier we have to run!Eventually we get there and it’s back to the main Bournemouth piers and then the finish. Just a parkrun to go I’m told, really, just. Not sure my legs will hold out but have to finish this thing now. We cross the line and find all the BHAM! Runners again.

They’ve cheared and clapped from the sides and during the race itself and we’ve all finished. Myself exactly an hour longer than the first BHAM across the line (a fact I can’t even comprehend as to how someone could ever run that fast).

Thank you all, for getting me through. From the Monday nights, parkruns and social runs. I am not sure I’d have ever convinced myself I could put in for a half marathon let alone run it. I had a great pacer on the day and huge support around me. What a group of mad but lovely people!

All the results from the weekend:

Kids 1k

36th place 5:46 Wilfred

Kids 1.5k

89th place 7:46 Holly

Junior 5k

28th place in 22:10 Jake

77th place in 26:39 Jasmine

Supersonic 10k

658th place in 55:12 Rach

Sonic 5k

340th place in 27:44 Rach

Half Marathon

307th place in 1.36:24 Ant
1230th place 1.52:47 Rob B
1805th place 1:59:39 Marc
2108th place 2.04.08 Spencer
2607th place 2:11:06 Nic B
3284th place 2:24:10 Jennie
3346th place 2:25:26 Shelly
3654th place in 2:36:15 Lisa
3655th place 2:36:16 Claire B

Full Marathon

1946th place in 5:48:23 Steve S

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