BHAM most excellent adventure

The Ash Excellent Eight (and fabulous five) is another of those local races I just hadn’t got around to doing before, so it was great to see another strong BHAM turnout.

Organised by Yeovil Town RRC, and starting and finishing at Ash School and Multi-Terrain (not Road as the category suggest) . Registration was a doddle, after booking online, I just walked in and picked my number up off the table! The non prebooked crowd looked a little bit busier but all seemed to be flowing.

I’m sure the race briefing was great, but I couldn’t hear a thing.

The 8 miler and 5 miler set off together, from in front of the school, a little bit of main road before turning off down the country lanes, with the first couple of km being downhill, the pace was pretty good, turning off the road and heading on to the trails was great, and the footpaths along this bit of the levels were reasonably dry. Getting down to the river at Longload, Rob Bullock who I was running with peeled off…. so that’s why they were going fast.. he was doing the 5 miler the B@$ta@rd!

Regrouping with Cliff and John after short bit of road, we were back on the farm track and footpaths, climbing up through km 7, and over a big old hill in the middle of km 9. The next bit all became a bit sticky with the Farm Track being a bit muddy (didn’t smell like mud) with Cliff loosing both shoes in the gloop.

Popping back out of the farm trail for the uphill road climb back to the main road, and one hundred metres to the finish… which was brutal, glad I had John to spur me on!

no medal but a nice tech t shirt, three water stations on route and a great atmosphere and fun friendly race, the five milers enjoyed themselves as well.

Full Results to Follow when available

thanks to Jen, Tobs and Rach for the photos.

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