Haselbury in the rain!

It’s always nice to get out for a run on a lovely summers evening, and Wednesday was just that, a perfect mix of driving rain, gusting wind and grey sky, Summer at its best!

The Haselbury 10k is one of the oldest races in the area, dating back from the late 80’s, and is a two lap mainly trail course, with one stream crossing and one steep hill on each loop.

Jennie, Rosie, Kim,Charmaine, Mark and I (Neil) joined all the others in the very nice Haselbury Plunket cricket club for the registration, race brief and catch up, it was a good turnout even in the bad weather, as this is one of the Somerset Series, before we were off.  It’s a really nice route of mixed terrain, some farmtrack, footpath, a sticky stretch through a cornfield, a small stream crossing, a fair few stiles and gates to get through or past, and a bit of a hill.

It was wet, slippy, and great fun, we splashed in puddles, tried to sing and didn’t take it to seriously. We crossed the line in about 1hr 15mins (some of us in a spectacular fashion!) and dripped off homeward to block our washing machines!

A great well organised race from Crewkerne Running Club, and one for a full club run next year!

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