Cider Frolic

I’m not sure who talked who into joining the fabulous White Star Running crowd for another event, I think it was me with a large serving of Nic!

Anyway, we found ourselves in Wiltshire again, this time for the Cider Frolic, a 6 (ish) km lapped course, which you can do as many times as you want in the 12 hours, as a team of 4,3 or 2, or as a solo runner.

We set up camp BHAM! after a bit of a slog uphill from the day parking area, and set off a few minutes after the main pack, Jake quickly sprinted off, leaving Xavier and I to bimble around the route at a more leisurely pace.



With a mix of farm track, field edges and only a few gentle hills (by WSR standards) and of course a fully filled lovestation, containing food treats of all varieties for the discerning runner as well as water, flat coke, squash, cider, beer and vodka shots, I could of happily stayed all day!

It was a hot day to put it mildly, hiding under the gazebo between laps, downing litres of fluids, and eating a few burgers and sausage batches to keep fuelled up.

The laps trickled away, with the team runners of Jennie, Nic, Rob and Jake, taking it in turns as they headed for their half marathon each goal (Rob and Jennie did a freedom lap to get the distance). Kate and Xavier managed a Marathon between them, and I managed to drag my backside around for the full marathon distance.


With sore legs, sunburn and blisters, we all got to our goals, another fabulous bit of WSR bling in the shape of a stags head, some sparkling cider, and of course a visit to the WSR shop to top up on running tops.

Thanks to the WSR team, Andy, Kev, Ginny, Gemma and all the helpers, especially the lovestation team for wet hugs and vodka.

Massive well done to all the runners, especially our first time trail half marathoners!


Team of Four – BHAM Boozled
Jennie, Nic, Rob & Jake
14 official laps – 9:58:45

Team of Two – BHAM Runners
Kate & Xavier
7 laps – 7:36:15

7 laps – 8:43:28

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