Martock 10k 2017

It was hot, so damn hot….. I’m sure that any reviews from the 2017 Martock 10k will mention it, but seriously, it was probably the hottest I’ve ever run in the UK, and it’s on road, which always traps the heat a bit more than trail.

Anyway, we had a great turnout of BHAM! Runners, with 13 first claim club mates and two of our 2nd claim members, running our local race. As always the start and finish was the Martock Fire Station, and the duty crew help out by closing the road at Stapleton cross before we head out to coat. There was great support out on route that always gives you a bit of a lift, as well as lots of our friends from local running clubs including Langport Runners and Rebel Runners who turned up in force.

Everyone ran amazingly well, a few wheels fell off due to the temperature, but that’s to be expected. Many who watched last year, ran for the first time which is an impressive achievement.

Results below, and photos from Jamie & Connor W… thanks boys

Tobs Ward 00:42:44
Anthony Welch 00:48:24
Rachel Webber 00:56:18
Will Gibson 00:57:49
Georgia Mann 00:58:23
Shaun Walker 01:03:58
Simon Burke 01:05:10
Brian Jenning 01:05:33
Damien Jenning 01:05:34
Claire Bragg 01:05:57
Jennie Whiting 01:08:27
Neil BF 01:08:27
Lisa Wills 01:13:05

And of course our 2nd claim run clubbers…Langport Runners

Roxane Pratt 01:06:06
Shelly Romans 01:09:49


2 comments on “Martock 10k 2017

  1. Kim campbell

    …and a hanger on!! Thanks again for the support, I will get down to Bham soon, childcare dependant!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m doing Martock this year, I sadly missed out on last year. Fingers crossed it won’t be as hot as you’ve said!


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