On…On BHAM runners

No idea what On..On means?? Neither did we until we turned up in Chilthorne Dormer on the 2nd of May to support the School in a Bag charity Hash Run, organised by Chard House House Harriers. Most of us turned up as Hashing virgins, and to be honest spent most of the night rather confused with what was going on let alone on..on!

Mark, Shelly, Nic, Rob, Brian, Jennie, Claire B, Lisa, Anthony, Claire W and Neil all turned up to run a pleasant 5 mile(ish) route in the country with another 80 odd others, following the little piles of sawdust trails, the false trails, the regroups, the sweet stop and avoiding those blinking fish hooks (except Anthony who seemed to really enjoy them). We had some standing around moments looking confused, some get off my land moments from local dairy farmers, some nice running through some lovely single track, some dodgy road crossings, all ending back where we started!

It wasn’t our normal running event, it’s slightly bonkers, but we mostly agreed that we’d be back for another try, this time making sure we stop for chilli and beer afterwards!!

Oh… and On..On is what is shouted when the correct trail is found… everyday’s a school day!!

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