The BHAM Bunnies

Since we started BHAM, there was always a hope that one day we’d turn up for a local race with a line up of runner’s in club shirts ready to run. Well I think Easter Monday may of been that day!

We had a great turnout of runners, Jennie, Rob, Nic, Claire B, Lisa, Will and myself from the regulars as well as occasional joiners Rachel, Brian and Alistair and our adopted Langport Runner, Mark.

The Easter Bunny 10k is organised by Yeovil Town RRC on the Monday bank holiday, around the villages nearest to RNAS Yeovilton on mainly quiet country roads, reasonably flat and a great first 10k race.

The run was a bit cooler than it has been recently, but when the sun came out it was pretty warm out there, Mark disappeared of quite early and wasn’t far behind the 45min pacer for most of the course finishing in 47 and a half minutes, with young Alistair only a couple of minutes behind him, with Will coming home at about 52 minutes, the rest of us set off a bit closer to the sixty minute pacer. I’d promised to run a 60 minute 10k which I nearly got right, crossing the line at 59:49 with a little sprint at the end to sneak inside.

Rob overtook me at about 7.5km, being pursued by a 5”10″ white rabbit… (got to cut back on the magic eggs) and finished in just over 56 minutes, his new 10k PB with Rachel hot on his tail. Nic and Jennie just got squeezed outside the hour by a minute and seconds with a couple more PB’s, Brian crossed the line at 1:05 and Claire B and Lisa cruised home at 1:08 also both with 10k PB’s.

All in all a great well organised road 10k, with over 400 runners enjoying the Somerset countryside, oh… and great Easter Bunny medals as well.

Thanks to Shelly for photos and support out on the course, all the marshalls and the organisers.
Also not forgetting a special mention to the BHAMbino’s Jasmine, Jake, Connor and Jamie who blasted around the 2k fun run.

Full Results HERE

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