Couch to 5km

The Graduation

hastag_bhamiranA little over eleven weeks ago, I turned up to the Martock Rec on Monday night… but this wasn’t any normal Monday – at 6pm Martock locals took the step from their cars, walked around the corner from their homes to join in with something of an experiment.

No.. not Weird Science or Breaking Bad type experiments… but one to find out if our group of local villages would be interested in having a running group, and more importantly for this Monday night..does anyone want to join a couch to 5km programme – with some random lunatic who had been posting all over facebook for the previous few weeks, offering help them learn to run for free in the local park.

Well sixteen brave (or crazy) souls arrived that night, looking slightly sheepish in their lycra and trainers – all with their own reason to start with the group; some already ran but lacked motivation, wanted to get faster, go further or just didn’t know where to start, and some got dragged along by some equally nervous friends and family!

Over the coming weeks we lost a couple people (careless i know!!) some of which will be back to try again in the spring programme. But eleven people completed the programme, running in sunshine, rain, frost and everything in between – adding miles between sessions, slogging through parkruns improving their PB’s, or just running for longer between walks and most importantly making friends through running

And last night they graduated, finishing with a fabulous 5km run up through Martock, Coat and Bower Hinton – stopping for additional nutriton (beer & cider) in the Hollies to help fuel the running machines that they have become.

L-R Tamsyn, Neil,Ellie, Jannie,Claire,Kate,Jennie,Nic,Sharon,Lisa and Rob at the front MIA – Jackie

All of these eleven have completed a journey together, and it’s been a great experience and pleasure to play a small part in that journey.

To all the BHAM! #zero2hero first course runners, a massive thanks from me for being such great fun, hardworking and just awesome!!

Look forward to running with you all in the new year – faster & further and don’t forget to tell your friends and family about the next session in March!



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